ChromeMate® is a form of chromium that can be used to control blood glucose levels and promote health cholesterol levels. ChromeMate® is a branded form of chromium from InterHealth. The exact form of chromium in ChromeMate® is chromium polynicotinate, which offers a more bioavailable form of chromium so your body gets more of the ingredient.

Clinical Research

Clinical research into chromium is abundant. In terms of weight loss, the most effective results pertained to control of blood glucose levels. It may not seem like blood glucose has anything to do with weight loss, but the opposite is true. Chromium can help regulate blood glucose levels – or keep it within normal range. This is the reason why chromium forms, like that used in ChromeMate®, are used by patients with diabetes. When it comes to weight loss, blood glucose levels can have a direct impact on hunger. With meals that contain carbohydrates blood glucose levels rise. After the body has processed the carbohydrates, blood glucose levels then fall. If you’ve ever noticed cravings for carbohydrates soon after eating a meal you are feeling the effects of that blood glucose drop. With chromium (and ChromeMate®) that plummet is less likely to happen so you are saved from those carbohydrate cravings, and thus overindulging on foods rich in calories and lacking in nutritional content.

Side Effects

    We did not find any negative side effects in dieters who took ChromeMate®. If you have diabetes you may need to consult with your physician before taking this ingredient as it can impact how much insulin you need to control blood glucose levels.

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